About Us

Hi! It's McKenzie, the creator of Carlyle Collection. Here's my story!

 I owned a clothing boutique in Atlanta (L.A. Green Buckhead) for about 3 years and absolutely loved interacting with customers and providing them with a unique, personal shopping experience. After closing my store during COVID-19, I decided to go after another creative venture I have always desired of doing - making jewelry. 

I started my jewelry brand after desiring many designer styles but not being able to afford to pay designer price. After closing my store, I took this new time off to do lots of research and figured out how to start making the designs I personally wanted in my own jewelry collection. I got such a great response and so many "WHERE did you get that?!"s that I realized there are many girls out there just like me - who also have champagne taste on a beer budget! 

My mission with my business is to meet your desire while also making your day. My hope and prayer is that I can use my God given talents and creativity to shine His light and remind you of how beautiful and unique you are when wearing my jewelry designs.



McKenzie Gillespie